How Does It Work?

MedLeading targets traffic in your niche audience. We find the perfect patients, and we bring them to your practice!

  • Find nearby patients searching for your specialty
  • Get the ideal patient for your practice walking through the door
  • Grow your practice with a steady flow of new patients

Patients Are Trying to Find You

We Find Your Patients

Our proprietary program identifies and isolates the ideal patient for your practice or specialty. We don’t just run ads all over the internet, we create unique content that patients identify with and want to read. Those ideal patients are targeted using our algorithms that effectively narrow down the field so that only genuinely interested patients end up in your practice.

Hyper Targeted Marketing

Finding the exact right patient is a science. We create uniquely crafted and targeted content to engage patients in a natural way without intrusive ads. In this way, we naturally capture the attention of the patients you’re looking for.

Field & Industry Experts

Our team of experts constitute the top talent in the country. We’ve created an exceptional demographic narrowing algorithm that makes our program extremely efficient and successful. We are putting the perfect content in front of ideal patients and creating the nation’s most successful lead generation and medical marketing program.

Screen & Schedule

Our screen and scheduling service is an excellent way to make sure you’re getting the most out of the program. We could bombard your office with leads that your staff will need to follow up on, but despite our best efforts not all leads will be patients. Screen and Schedule, allows you to only be concerned with actual patients, not leads.

Fresh Energy Yields Big Increases

Imagine having a steady stream of new patients flowing into your practice. This kind of activity keeps the entire office jumping. New patients can turn into steady long-term patients, which keeps your office filled long-term. New patients also give your staff more confidence in their work and in their employer.

The MedLeading Difference

MedLeading isn’t just another marketing firm. We have pioneered some of the most effective ways to find patients in the medical industry. Our algorithms and proprietary software platform allow us to cover more ground and find active genuine substantial leads that become patients, all while keeping the price in reach of the average practice.

The Process

Learn how we help you get new patients.

Step #1

Select the length of time you want for your contract.

Step #2

Select your preferred monthly adspend (100% of your adspend goes to adspend, there is no markup).

Step #3

After your order processes, we get to work preparing a lead generation platform specifically for your practice using our proprietary algorithms. Your account manager will reach out to you for any additional information needed.

Step #4

We start running the campaign, instantly reaching the ideal potential patients for your practice.

Step #5

We collect and deliver all your leads each week. If you have a Customer Resource Management system, CRM, you're using, we can integrate with that platform and deliver your leads instantly, all day everyday. If you would like a CRM system we can point you in the right direction.

Step #6

Watch the success roll in!

Medical Specialties We Know

We know how to find the patients looking for your exact specialty.

  • This is an unprecedented success for our practice. We have never seen this quantity of new patients or this level of genuine patient interest in our practice until now. Our conversion rate from lead to office appointment is excellent and our providers are overwhelmed with the number of patients requesting consultations and office appointments. Marketing with MedLeading has been the best thing we’ve done for our practice.

    Greg A.

    Marketing Manger - Triad Physician Group

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“We are a team with a passion for connecting patients with doctors and medical practices. We’ve had the privilege to work with some of the largest names in the business and have established a reputation for always bringing innovation and success to the table with every project.”

William Bozeman Founder, MedLeading


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